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Betty Juodis - 2022

Betty Juodis is a contemporary artist living and working in Flowery Branch, Georgia. Free association is the start and finish to all of her paintings. The creative catalyst may be whatever social climate plays in the background at the time. Subjects that she finds beautiful include animals, birds and horses especially, and people. Her deep concern for human rights fuels a special reverence for immigrants and refugees.

Betty's first introduction to painting was at IUSB, instructed by esteemed abstract artist Harold Zisla. Her preferred medium is oil paint, creating rich color and depth through a technique of layers and glazes. Betty's style is best described as a mixture of realism and expressionism. 

Jill Johnson - 2022

My love affair with horses started in childhood and since then, I have always loved bringing them to life in my art. In my opinion, horses possess an unequaled beauty and majesty, making them gorgeously rich subject matter. Over the years, I have discovered that every breed of horse has a story and specific characteristics uniquely their own. Therefore, to me, no one breed is more beautiful or intriguing than the next. I choose my subjects based on personal relationships I form with images or live horses that move me to tell their stories in portraiture.

My goal is to capture a moment, feeling or quality in my pieces that expresses the power, spirit and physical presence of the animal. I craft each portrait by wholly immersing myself in the creation process, spending as much time as is needed and carefully selecting materials, so that the subject will come to life in the finished product. Ultimately, I consider my art emotive portraiture where the essence of equine movement transforms into heartfelt beauty that people will experience when they view my work.

IMG_7167 copy.jpg
Debra Barnhart Seeing the Light.jpg

Debra Barnhart - 2022

Debra Barnhart’s artwork mixes the everyday world with a world of magic and surrealism. She begins with a photograph and utilizes Photoshop to create a kind of alchemy between the photo, what she wants to express, and the tools of the program. Her recent work explores images of female identity through symbols and magic realism. Debra was born in New Jersey where she lived until she moved to Georgia in 2001. A large part of her adult life in the north was spent working in the advertising industry in New York City where she was a media buyer for three different advertising agencies. The artist’s 16 years in New York allowed her to gain exposure to some of the most renowned galleries and museums in the world. Debra holds a Master of Arts, in Fine Arts from Montclair State University. As a full-time artist living in Suwanee, Georgia, Debra’s home away from home is her studio at Tannery Row Artist Colony in Buford, Georgia. Located in an historic tannery building which dates back to 1897, the colony is a collective of 20 artists.

Dominique “DICE” Carter - 2022

Dominique “DICE” Carter is a colorblind artist originally from Brooklyn, NY. He lived there in the 90s and early 00s a time in which he witnessed excess poverty and crime while toggling between foster care and homelessness. He moved to Atlanta in 2003 and would go on to have experiences similar to those in Brooklyn. Throughout these adverse experiences he would secretly write poetry coupled with abstract pencil work as an outlet from his environment. This has become an art form he still uses to this day. 


He would go on to graduate from Gwinnett Technical College and Georgia Gwinnett College, respectively, making stops in Philadelphia and New York where he decided to paint full time. 


Because of his colorblindness Dice’s painting style, self-taught and described as beautiful chaos emphasizing texture, flow, and a safe space to use your imagination while color is a tertiary consideration to his creations. 


Meg and Bryan Galgano - 2021

Meg and Bryan Galgano are an Atlanta based artistic duo. They have spent their time over the last twelve years living in New York and San Francisco and finally, Atlanta. Meg has a long standing history and education in art while Bryan discovered his love of photography as a way to explore Atlanta. They each play an active role in creative direction for the other. Bryan gives color feedback on Meg's paintings and names all of her art while Meg gives cropping suggestions on Bryan's photography. 

Catherine Susky - 2021

“I have had an interest in art as far back as I can remember. As a child, I preferred visiting art museums to other activities. I was born in New York and grew up in Manhattan, not far from the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I was inspired by the works of renowned artists from all over the world. This inspiration led me to try my skills at landscapes, florals, still-life, and portrait painting. Currently, I have been concentrating on still life painting, striving to capture the beauty and luminous glow that bathes everyday objects I choose for my paintings.”

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 7.23.42 AM.jpg

Deanna Fitz - 2021

Born in Utah, I lived there most of my life with a few years in Maryland and putting permanent roots down in Georgia near my youngest son and his family. Art has been a part of my life on and off through the years in various forms. Recently it has become a big part of my life. 

Anne J Bradham - 2021

Anne J. Bradham is a watercolorist and a printmaker. She has studied drawing at the Corcoran School of Art, printmaking at the National Museum of American Art (Smithsonian), both in Washington, DC, and both printmaking and watercolor at Brigham Young University where she earned a BFA degree. As a teenager, she spent 2 summers travelling all over the United States and Canada visiting museums with her dad, an art dealer, and Mr. Nat Leeb, an accomplished French artist, who when he was very young, studied color under Monet. Also at BYU, She participated in 2 semesters abroad studying art and art history. She exhibited both her watercolors and prints at BYU’s Harris Fine Arts Center where she won several first place prizes. She has had one-person shows there and in Kensington, MD; Jeppson Galleries in Bethesda, MD; Lucia Gallery in New York; and Gallery New World in Taipei. She has exhibited at the Tallahassee Watercolor Society at Florida State, one of them winning a yellow ribbon.


Vicky McCrary - 2021

Vickie A. McCrary paints in the truest sense of the expressionism genre, using her life experiences to translate and transcend emotions into art.  The result is an intimacy in all her works that resonate with the viewer.  This exposure of sensitivity has served to “shape what exits my brush.  When I paint, I feel as though I am sculpting the canvas with the experiences and feelings that are within me.”  This emphasis, to focus as much on the paint as the subject, borders on the Gestural Abstract style.  Her use of bold color and texture has become one of her strongest attributes.

Sharon Nichol - 2021

Sharon Nichol received an associate degree in fine art in 1978 and another in visual communication from Phoenix Community College in 1979. After college, she continued to study under Dick Phillips and various other artists. Her main medium is watercolor, but lately she has been branching out into acrylics. Most of her works are of florals and landscapes. Sharon exhibits at Expressions Fine Art Gallery and Artist Studios. Some of her work is also on display in Grayson at the Arts and History Center. Her work has also been exhibited in various galleries and shows in Phoenix and Scottsdale in Arizona. She is a member of the North Gwinnett Arts Association in Suwanee, Georgia.


Artemus Blue - 2021

Artemus Blue has been an artist for over forty years. He studied film production and photography at the University of Texas. After school he went into commercial printing, where he produced realistic pictures for publication. In his own work he enjoys manipulating and altering color. Mr. Blue has shown his work throughout the southwest, New York City, Georgia, and Florida. He was a board member of the Tarrant County Arts Alliance in Fort Worth, Texas and an active member in their art scene. Work brought him to north Florida. He joined a gallery that is a co-op and is called South of Soho in Tallahassee, Florida. He moved to Dacula for love and enjoys the change of seasons. He is looking forward to involvement in this art community. Hoping for a better year ahead.

Sandy Tomey - 2020

My love for art began when I was about 8-years-old in St. Louis, Missouri, where I spent most of life. Surrounded by a large, loving and supportive family, including four sisters, one brother, and doting parents, I began my art journey with oil paint-by-number kits at that early age. I loved those! Since then, I have raised two daughters, am a grandma to four grandchildren and enjoy many nieces, nephews and friends. Through all of this, Ive realized that happiness is sharing my art with others. My favorite medium is oil, but also love watercolor for its' transparent, delicate beauty. My 20+ career in Student Affairs at Webster University provided opportunities to take art classes and enhance my skills. My travels with my husband inspired me to continue my love of painting florals, still-life and landscapes. Our nation is beautiful and those travels have given me not only the joy of seeing our wonderful country, but also of putting my visualizations on canvas. I have dabbled in pottery, love to sew, garden, and design floral arrangements but my favorite creative expression is and will always be painting.


Meg Evans - 2021

Meg was raised in Columbus, GA to parents who were passionate about the cultural arts and surrounded themselves and their children with the world of art and artists, music and musicians, ballet and dancers, and Broadway.  Drawing was a God-given talent for Meg, and as a child she drew and painted in her spare time, always encouraged by her parents. Meg majored in art at Florida State University, and photography at Massey Junior College in Atlanta (now the Art Institute of Atlanta).  While Meg was raising her family, her art abilities were put to the side.  One day, with her new-born baby in her arms, Meg picked up a writing pencil and the closest piece of paper, and drew her child in the crook of her arm.  This peaked her passion to draw once more. Meg’s life is filled with color and movement, either with gardening or photography or art or music.  She can be spotted at Suwanee Town Center taking candid photographs of the children at the water park, and often invites neighbors to sit for her in her home for photography shoots. Until now, Meg’s art and photography have always been given to friends and never displayed.  With the recent passing of her parents who encouraged her to draw and paint, and in honor to their memory, Meg has found the motivation to exhibit her art for the first time here at the Suwanee Arts Center.

Chris Anderson - 2020

I started my photography journey at a young age with a Kodak Instamatic and my Dad’s Kodak 120 film camera, whilst also learning from my older sibling who was an Emmy Award winning professional photographer. At fourteen years old I bought my own 35mm camera. I rolled, shot, and developed the film myself, which deeply connects the photographer to their work. I currently teach photography at the Suwanee Arts Center and I sell prints and complete commission work under Chris Anderson Photography, Inc.​

Chris Anderson Morning Alpenglow Greenla

Tim Haugh - 2020

T. J. Haugh, contemporary artist of history and the human condition. I am an award-winning artist with work in collections throughout the U. S. and in Europe that focuses on the human condition. I like to work in series and my most recent one is the Icon Series which features notable figures in history against a glazed metallic leaf background. This series has allowed me to experiment with a variety of textures, substrates and materials. It is closely related to my last series The Eyes of American History series. These works were 15 x 21 inch close up portraits of famous Americans. These were done with different effects and on different supports that allowed me to tell their stories in a close up and personal fashion. Only the eyes, the nose and part of the forehead are seen in these heavily cropped images. I have had my work exhibited since I was 15 and continue to share it with others. My works have also been included in exhibits at the Atlanta Artist Center, The Hudgens Center and the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art.

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