Chris Anderson Morning Alpenglow Greenla

Chris Anderson-2020

I started my photography journey at a young age with a Kodak Instamatic and my Dad’s Kodak 120 film camera, whilst also learning from my older sibling who was an Emmy Award winning professional photographer. At fourteen years old I bought my own 35mm camera. I rolled, shot, and developed the film myself, which deeply connects the photographer to their work. I currently teach photography at the Suwanee Arts Center and I sell prints and complete commission work under Chris Anderson Photography, Inc.

Tim Haugh-2020

T. J. Haugh, contemporary artist of history and the human condition. I am an award-winning artist with work in collections throughout the U. S. and in Europe that focuses on the human condition. I like to work in series and my most recent one is the Icon Series which features notable figures in history against a glazed metallic leaf background. This series has allowed me to experiment with a variety of textures, substrates and materials. It is closely related to my last series The Eyes of American History series. These works were 15 x 21 inch close up portraits of famous Americans. These were done with different effects and on different supports that allowed me to tell their stories in a close up and personal fashion. Only the eyes, the nose and part of the forehead are seen in these heavily cropped images. I have had my work exhibited since I was 15 and continue to share it with others. My works have also been included in exhibits at the Atlanta Artist Center, The Hudgens Center and the Marietta Cobb Museum of Art.


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